The peepee teepee

For all you moms out there with baby boys, you'll appreciate this.... I made Nick and Shaina's new baby boy, peepee teepees. They are great. Not only are they funny but they really work. You put this contraption over the peepee to shield from being peed on. It's great! Jude has peed on me several times already, so I make sure to use this as often as a can remember.... They perks of being a mom of boys!!!!! p.s. any moms out there that want some, let me know!

The product. 2 each of 3 different sizes.
Jude modeling his peepee teepees.


The Nelson Family said...

pure genius!!!

The MacDonald Clan said...

Awesome idea Kara. Micah is past the point of needing them but I would love to order some from you for Jay's sister and my other friend who are both expecting little boys. I swear you could be Martha Stewart.
email me with all the info.

Carol and Dan said...

That's great! ....and when they grow out of them, you could just tie on a rubber band and they could be non-threatening eye patches!Haha!............c.

Sonya and Pete said...

Your comment is so funny!
Kara, I love it ..it is so cute, useful and funny. You are so creative!

AL said...

I was thinking using them as small party hats???