Last week pics

Henry holding his baby brother
Henry is surprisingly very good with his brother Jude. No traumas yet!
Jude: 3 weeks old
Henry and I spent friday afternoon painting. It was nice spending one on one time with him.


Susu said...

They are so cute! Hope you are getting some sleep!

Sonya and Pete said...

Hey Kara!
Call me when you have a free moment.. I tried that one time but i kind of woke you up..and I felt so bad..due to you are not getting much sleep now.
I love the pics of Henry and Jude together! They look sooo much alike!!!!! I miss holding an infant and I can't wait to hold mine! Miss and Love you sooo much.

Carol and Dan said...

Oh! I'm so glad that is paint! I thought I was going to read a story about Henry falling off something!
The kids are so adorable. I want to hold an infant too!!!
no New Years like I hoped!

Hank and Mary said...

Thanks for posting pics Kara. They are so beautiful. I want to hold them too.

AL said...

You and Jason sure make cute babies.

The MacDonald Clan said...

Micah has those same pj's. I see Jude looks adorable in them too.

Great picture Henry!