Belly time!

Jude not only look like his daddy, he is also strong like his daddy.
Jude already lifts his head and looks all around.


Sonya and Pete said...

He is soooo beautiful! He also looks like Henry too! Do I see blue eyes already? he is soo handsome!

Carol and Dan said...

I may be going out on a limb here, but I think the middle picture looks like Kara's brother, Michael. No?................c.

Hank and Mary said...

He is growing up so fast, man, look at him! So, his eyes are blue too? I thought brown was a dominant color, but, I guess it isn't in this case so far. He is going to be running around with Henry in no time.

The MacDonald Clan said...

what a strong little guy and oh so cute. So much fun.

oh yeah, thanks for the book suggestions, I really appreciate it.

The Nelson Family said...

Holy moly! He's one tough cookie!