This is fun

Kara Mary Tait.
I am: a wife and mother
I think: I’ll stay in my pajamas all day today.
I know: I am loved.
I have: the most precious son and loving husband in the whole world.
I wish: I could fly.
I hate: abortion.
I miss: Loren.
I fear: the unknown.
I hear: Henry blabbing watching Finding Nemo.
I smell: pumpkin candle.
I crave: pretty much everything right now....
I search: for the truth.
I wonder: what our new baby will look like.
I regret: nothing.
I love: Jesus.
I ache: because I have a human growing in my belly laying on all types or organs and such.
I am not: going to eat anymore Halloween candy.
I believe: In God
I dance: like I know what I'm doing.
I sing: horribly.
I cry: often.
I fight: with myself to keep my house clean. 
I win: at being the boss. (haha, Jason!)
I lose: Henry's shoes all the time.
I never: want to hurt people.
I always: brush my teeth.
I confuse: easily.
I listen: very well.
I can usually be found: at my home.
I am scared: the devil.
I need: some sleep.
I am happy about: Life.
I imagine: that someday I'll be an old lady, still madly in love with my husband.


The Nelson Family said...

Danielle Marie Nelson.
I am: a mother of three, a 26 year old girl, crafty, struggling to hold on to my youth, passion and lust for life
I think: I have better momentary intentions than perseverance and follow through
I know: God knows best
I have: a great life
I wish: I knew what God’s plan is for me
I hate: being a terrible communicator, my lack of patience, short fuse
I miss: childhood
I fear: for my children
I hear: a tiny baby breathing in the next room
I crave: God
I search: God
I wonder: what is to come
I regret: past mistakes
I love: all that God has given me….
I ache: when I think of past mistakes
I am not: perfect
I believe: all is part of a bigger picture, and just has to be…is part of the plan
I dance: rarely
I sing: secretly
I cry: sentimentally
I fight: with myself
I win: either way
I lose: either way
I never: lack an opinion
I always: think I know the answer
I confuse: rarely, but when I get confused, I really get confused!!!
I listen: to the radio a lot
I can usually be found: home with the kids
I am scared: of the unknown
I need: perseverance, follow-thru, patience, love, understanding
I am happy about: the opportunity to raise three beautiful kids
I imagine: strange made-up scenarios all the time that I find myself giggling about, then try to explain to John, and they end up sounding really lame, due to my lack of communication skills…

The Nelson Family said...

Hey, where's everyone else?