Hank and Mary said...

I think he is so cute! He is also looking more and more like Kara I think. Do you agree?

TAITx3 said...

He must look like me..... he is so darn cute! (jk) For real, I think he does look like me a bit and Jason. I'd have to say 50/50. I guess it depends who your talking too. Most people around here thinks he looks like Jason. Not that Henry looks like Jason when Jason was a toddler, but Henry does look like his son!
I think the new baby will get all my features! :) ~Kara

Carol and Dan said...

What a foxy kid! He really is a good mix, isn't he? I think the new baby will have Jason's hair and Kara's eyes. I'm calling it right now! And I think his name will be Sam..........c.