All American

This evening I made an apple pie, believe it or not for the first time. I always made apple crunch in the past but never apple pie. It was a perfect ending to a beautiful fall day.

I used a variety of apples.
Pile high.
Just before going into the oven.
Just baked.
Apple pie bliss.

Oh...... this was our dinner. Ham and cheese panini and tomato soup


Squires Family said...

Ummm....YUM!!! You should definitely make one of those pies again and be sure to invite the Squires' over ;)

SRT and LST said...

Mmmm. I love soup and sandwiches. And chili and sandwiches. And, if I must, just sandwiches or just soup.

Hank and Mary said...

That pie looks so delicious, your dinner scrumptious and it is all so nicely put together. mmmmmm yum.

AL said...

do you have a pannini press? I have always wanted one. what kind of bread is that??

Sonya and Pete said...

Out of all of my friends you are the best cook!!!!!