Weak Parenting

When we first started eating dinner at this fountain in Boston on Saturday, Kara and Jason decided that Henry would not be allowed to put his feet in the water. We were weak and allowed him to dip his toes. Then he splashed and got wet, so we peeled his clothing. Before long, he was jumping around in the pool, which we're sure is used as a bath tub for vagrants and dogs.


Sonya and Pete said...

Look like such a fun time!!!!
Did you give henry a bath right away? When you got home !...lol

TAITx3 said...

Yep, we stuck Henry right in the bath. The water was actually crystal clear. But a sign said it was "recycled," which sounded dirty.

The MacDonald Clan said...

isn't it funny how kids can get you to give in. the other day Max got me to let him play in his sand box wich was filled with water. All it takes are those adorable smiles they have.