Evening Out

This evening Jason Henry and myself meet Stephen and Linsey at a restaurant downtown Newburyport called Rockfish. They offer different specials of the week and mondays are mini sandwiches for $2 each. It was fun choosing the best two from a selection of about 15 sandwiches. I usually go for the same, either ruben, or french dip. I went for a ham and cheddar cheese and a bacon cheese burger. The bread was amazing, it was perfectly soft with a slight buttery crust. Jason got a ruben and turkey and cheese. They had pretty darn good fries too. I think we might make it a tradition for the Jason Tait family. I totally forgot to take a picture of those tasty sandwiches. Maybe Stephen and Linsey will post some. if not, I'll make sure to get some pics next time.
Jason and Henry at The Rockfish
Family pic
Henry and Linsey


SRT and LST said...

Those sandwiches were yummy! We should do that again. ~Linsey

Papa and Grammy said...

I sure love seeing you guys all together, it makes me so very happy.

Thanks for sharing about the delicious sandwiches. It must have been fun, if Henry's smile is any indication. :)

al said...

I am starving.
I would have gotten the ruben as well.