Weekend Pictures

Playing in the snow!
Jason Henry & Kara Invitation night downtown Newburyport
All bundled up
Every time Henry looks at a Christmas tree he lifts his arm and says ahhhhhhhhhh as if something very glorious has been unveiled and lifted to heaven.
Sick of pictures
Nieces Ayva Martina and Miya.
My "Grein" sister-in-laws. Lisa Mj & Kristen
Henry and his Grandma at Uncle Michael and Aunty Susan's Christmas party
Henry and his cousin Gabe the babe
Cousinly LOVE


Mary said...

Great looking Grein family. I'm so glad you had a wonderful Christmas party, it looks like so much fun. Your nieces are beautiful, and Gabe and Henry make very handsome cousins.

Mary said...

I forgot to say that I love the Newburyport pictures too. Great little town, my favorite place in Mass....

The Nelson Family said...

You're back in Picture business!!!

AL said...

Great pictures Kara. Keep 'em coming.
Henrys little sweater is so cute. So perfectly small.