Boring Blog......

I never realized how much I use my camera. Every so often I want to take a snapshot of Henry or record him when he does something cute, or take pictures of a delicious looking meal or some kind of yummy dessert. I apologize for a boring blog. We hope to have a new camera by early january!
Jason and I are getting very excited about our trip to Michigan. We plan on leaving friday afternoon, so most of the time Henry will be sleeping for the long 14 hour or so drive. We can't wait to meet baby Maisy and baby girl Daniel Kim Tait when she is born. I also can't wait to play with our nephews and spend time with Hank, Mary, Danny, Kim, Cassandra, Adam and Christina. It will be a fun filled Christmas week. We will miss you Stephen and Linsey and wish you could be with us.
We hope everyone has a Merry Christmas! ~ TaitX3


Mary said...

Well, that wasn't boring Kara. Even without pictures, its nice to hear about stuff, like your excitment of coming to Michigan. I can tell you one thing, we are very excited about you guys coming too. It will be fast, but wonderful. Thanks for making the long trip.

al said...

Mary is right, that wasn't boring. I just love to know what is going on in everyones lives.

On another note. Miss Kara, you win hands down on the cutest card I have every received. I LOVE IT!!
I took it to work and showed everyone, they all ohhh'd and ahhhh'd. So cute. Thanks for the time you took to make it so wonderful. Henry is hanging on our tree now.
I love you Miss Kara.

Aunt Lizzy

The Nelson Family said...

Absolutely the winner for best christmas card. It is a magnet AND an ornament. Thanks! Merry Christmas Taits!