We celebrated our 2nd Anniversary

The tree is up, presents bought, and constant Christmas music flowing through the air here at the Tait family pad.
Jason had the week off. It was a movie watching, food eating, relaxing week for him. Last night we celebrated 2 years of marriageness (Jason likes the "ness") bliss, and 8 wonderful years together. Stephen and Linsey were the fortunate ones who enjoyed Henry's dirty diapers and energy Saturday night. Thank you guys for taking him overnight....yous the best!
Jason and I enjoyed our old neighborhood in Boston last night. We planned on ice-skating on the frog pond, then dinner at PF Changs. The bone chilling weather ruined our romantic act of skating in circles holding hands like crush ridden teenagers. Then we planned on "Painting your own pottery" to make Henry his second Christmas ornament. (Starting last year, I am making Henry a Christmas ornament to start his collection that I will give him when he gets married.) I have a collection from my Great Aunty-Aunty that she made for me for 18 years! But, when we walked up to the pottery store in our old neighborhood, we discovered it was closed! It's now an office for an accounting firm. Boring. So, we heading for PF Changs for a delicious "upscale" chinese food. We went last year for our anniversary and twice on our honeymoon, so we want to make it a tradition. It was nice just the two of us. Sorry we don't have pictures to show, we are still morning the loss of our camera:(


Cassandra said...

sounds like tons of fun

Mary said...

I'm so glad you two had a wonderful time. Maybe when you are here with the Hermans, we could have a chance to go to the pottery place in Mt.Pleasant? Kim will be busy, but, maybe Cassandra, Kara and Mary could go. Christina of course too, and any of the guys are welcome too. What do you think? It would have to be Saturday though, and you guys will be whipped. Anyway, maybe another time.

The Nelson Family said...

For our anniversary, I got Danielle a pack of Marlboro Reds. She was all, "this is the sweetest thing." And I was all, "shoot, it's no big deal, but I hope you like them." And she was all, "Like them?! I love them, thank you soo much." And I was all, "Well I saw them and I thought about you, but its nothing, just a little present. But really I love you." And she was all , "I love you too, of course I love you. And I love the Marlboro Reds, really. They're great. Thanks so much." And I was all, "Well I'm just glad you're happy. Happy anniversary."

TAITx3 said...

Mary, I would absolutely love to do that!!!!