Fun in the Sun

On Wednesday we spent the day at the beach. It was very windy and not that warm, but the kids managed to go in the water.
We enjoyed my brother Anthony and his wife Lisa and daughter Martina's company.
Jude was in all his glory when I finally took off his clothes and let him run wild. He kept rolling in the sand and high tailing it to the ocean for a drink.
Henry loved walking on the rocks and playing with the sand.
I loved watching those kids play. It always makes me content when my kids have a huge smile on their faces.


Carol and Dan said...

Looks like fun...still waiting for summer here!.....c.

Cassandra said...

some of the cutest boys EVER!

ThatFragileCapricorn said...

Adorable! I miss you bunches!

Sonya and Pete said...

Great pics Kara!!! The boys look like they just love the beach!!! Can I see some pics of you please!!!!

Eagle said...

Cool shots! :)