Some tasty treats for Easter

The cupcakes were perfect for the kiddos. I got the recipe from the famous "Magnolia Bakery" in NYC. It was vanilla cake with old fashion buttercream frosting.
I even made the cute little apple blossom flower candies for the decoration. I learned how to make those last week at my Cake decorating class.
This cake was probably the best tasting I have ever had.
If you like lemon you will be a huge fan. I think this recipe would also make amazing cupcakes.


Carol and Dan said...

Thank you! I LOVE lemon! I will try to make this!........c.

Carol and Dan said...

You inspired me...I made orange vanilla cupcakes (with the white chocolate in it) with a chocolate mouse frosting! Plus, we have the same cupcake liners! :) .....c.

Mrs. Beer said...

Those cupcakes are beautiful!!!

Sonya and Pete said...