Happy Birthday Kara!

Today, Kara, you turn 34.
You should have many more (birthdays).

You were born in the 70s premature.
Now you have two boys, life's been quite the tour.

You're good at painting walls and baking cakes.
It's fun to be with you, laughter you makes.

Have a great day even though it is raining.
I love you so much I'm going insaneing.



Sonya and Pete said...

LOVE YOU KARA!!!! Happy Birthday!!!

The Nelson Family said...

Right on,JT. Your rhyming was so inspired that I find myself tired. Happy birthday, Kara!!

The Nelson Family said...

Happy Birthday my pregnant pal!! Love ya!!-d

Hank said...

that was quite the poem, I must be at home.

Happy birthday to the lady of Jason's home.

I KNOW you enjoyed your day!!

SRT and LST said...

Happy belated, KT! I really like the use of makes and insaneing :-) ~Linsey

Carol and Dan said...

Happy bithday, buddy! Hope all your dreams came true! ;) .....c.