West Coast Meets East Coast

The Washington State Shaws, Carol, Dan and Amya, visited us last week while in New England for Dan's sister's wedding. Henry and Amya had a good time together playing in a sand box and relaxing in a hammock.


The MacDonald Clan said...

bet everyone had a fun.

Sonya and Pete said...

Love the cute pics!!!!!!
Again I wish I was there !!!
I miss you all! Pete and petey are going to Disney next month...Emma and I will be haning out at home...But on a good note my sisters and maybe my parents will come out to visit... and get together for Emma's Christening.
Pete and Petey will not be able to attend due to that is the only week he was able to get vacation from the AFB. :( But that's ok... My sister Lisa is the godmother, and my family will be here.

The Nelson Family said...

Cute! That last pic totally looks east meets west! Thats awesome you guys got in touch, very cool opportunity!