Our little chef

On Father's Day morning we started a tradition of making Jason breakfast in bed. Henry and I made Jason a mushroom ham and cheddar cheese omelette with a bagel and cream cheese on the side. Henry had a blast helping me cook.

Henry is carefully chopping the mushrooms with a plastic knife, of course.

Whisking the eggs. I love when he says "bye milk" when he combines the egg and milk and the white disappears.

Henry was so excited to bring Jason his breakfast in bed. He didn't want any help so he put the tray on his stool so he could push it over to Jason.

Almost in the room.....

Eating father's day breakfast together


Sonya and Pete said...

I love the pics! But most of all I noticed the BEAUTIFUL card that Henry made with his hand print on it! SOOOOOOOOOOOO cute!~

Hank and Mary said...

I have to copy Sonya and say I love the pictures :) They are letting us "see" how it went. Nice. Henry looks so proud of himself!!

AL said...

When I looked at those pictures and I saw the joy on both their faces, I didn't know weather to cry or laugh. Those pictures capture the love and caring those two have for each other. Thanks Kara, I love those pics.

The MacDonald Clan said...

Its so sweet. I bet that was the best father's day gift ever.