Sorry, it's been a long time......

                                    Henry is so proud of his Darth Vader shirt I made for him. 
                                    He even posed for the picture.
                                    Henry likes to wear glasses like his daddy.
                                                Crazy hair boy.
                                   Henry likes to fight Jason with his light sabers so much
                                   that he even has to do it while Jason is showering.
                                   Typical Jude face....


The Nelson Family said...

Dude! Henry's gots muscles!!! I love the Darth vader shirt and star wars shower fights!

Sonya and Pete said...

Yeah! I love the new pics... The boys are soooo cute!

Hank and Mary said...

Henry is so handsome. Great pictures of our grandchildren that 4 of us share. I can't wait to see them in April!!!!!

AL said...

Thanks Kara;
I have missed reading about our Boston Family.

Love you, and thank you so much for your handwritten letter. It meant so much to me. It is still sitting on my TV table, so I see it everyday.

Love you,

Aunt Liz

The MacDonald Clan said...

So cute.