The past week I was busy with projects. I made my grandmother new chair covers, and my great Aunt an apron for her 95th birthday. The chair covers were a pain in the butt, but the apron was fun! I really wanted to keep the apron for myself. I was thinking of making a couple and selling them on Etsy.... What do you think????


Carol and Dan said...

Ohh...I love them both! That is some fun fabric! Glad to see that you're blogging again! ....c.

The Nelson Family said...

Yes!!! All of it!!! More More MOre!!!

Anonymous said...

I think the apron would totally sell on your on-line store.. It was adorable.. you could also make a kids size one too..
Nice job on the chair cushions too. I noticed them at the party but I thought they got them from a store.. I may ask/hire you to do some curtains for the our house..
Love ya,

Sonya and Pete said...

You are so talented! I love them all and love the fabric! Sell them all..including baby blankets and you should make aprons for kids too!

Chris Ann said...

All of it you are so talented. What I really love about your work is the detail, such a perfect finish,always. I tried to by earrings from your store but the Pay pale scares me to death. Danielle walked me through it and now I can buy. Yes kids apeons. See you all this summer??

AL said...

Aprons are great. I think they would sell.