Pictures from the week.....

Henry lined up his dvd's. I thought it was pretty funny.
New hat
On the train to Boston
splashing around the water fountain in Boston
Hanging out in the city
Henry on his first Carnival ride
Fun House
enjoying the parrot
beautiful roses on my kitchen table
Sunday morning breakfast
In the pool
Henry loves the swing set
Henry sleeping on his momma.


Sonya & Pete said...

Henry looks like a sleeping doll!
and look at you !!!!!!!!!
You got the momma GLOW!!!!!
this is my new favorite picture!!!!
You look GREAT!!!!!!!

AL said...

Beautiful pictures Kara and Jason. Kara you look so beautifuland peaceful. You are definetly happy and at peace.

Hank and Mary said...

Wow, great pictures of Henry. You sure make a beautiful baby boy. He looks so old in the top picture with his blue shirt on...like a 3 year old instead of a brand new 2 year old. He is growing so old so fast.

Cassandra said...

You guys are a good looking family!