Breakfast for dinner

One of my favorite things to have is breakfast food for dinner. This evening Henry and I had crepes with sauted apples, while Jason enjoys some type of fast food. Jason is at a seminar this evening, so it's just me and the boy tonight.


The Nelson Family said...

Hey! Breakfast for dinner! That's Pauli Bleeker (from the movie, Juno) favorite meal.

Hank and Mary said...

Hey, Hank, Christina and I had breakfast for dinner tonight too. We had homemade blueberry pancakes and scrambled eggs too. I picked the blueberry's from a blueberry farm on Tuesday. Hank said it was all delicious. mmmmmm. I think your meal looks "muy deliciouso tambien".

Anonymous said...

Holy Apples that looks good!!......c.

Sonya and Pete said...

Those apples look so good!
I still make that soup you showed me how to make ! I love it!
Do you still make that leak noodle soup? That is one of our favorite soups to make on a chilly day.