Christmas is coming

I'm hoping to make most of Charlotte's Christmas gifts this year, a good money saver. I love making people gifts and I appreciate receiving handmade gifts as well.
 I'm hoping to have time to make her a Farmers Market basket full of felt fruit and Vegetables and other fun food.  
Sometime in January after the holidays my plan is to make a kitchen set for Charlotte out of an old entertainment center, so I thought it would be a good idea to get a head start making some food for it for Christmas gifts so she'll have stuff to play with along with her play kitchen.
As a small girl all I did was play with my kitchen set. I secretly am making it for me to play with along with Charlotte. ;)
Here are a couple cuties I have made so far.

Will you be making any handmade gifts this year?

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Hank and Mary said...

Nice Kara. I really like them, you have done a wonderful job. I hope she likes them and plays with them, not eat them because they look so real. :)