Ginger Ale Fail

Lately I have been on a kick making our own beverages. I usually make yummy low sugar fruit syrups to mix with sparking water and fresh fruit juices.
The other day I attempted to make Ginger Ale. The flavor was great, but it had no fizz. I used a recipe that called for yeast and a overall two day process. I'm thinking my yeast was bad, but not sure. It still tastes good though, it's just flat. I have been mixing it with seltzer water for the fizz. I'm going to try it again after I try my blueberry soda that takes about two weeks. The recipe I am using is much more complicated than the ginger ale. I start making a "soda culture" that I add sugar and ginger everyday for seven days. I am exciting to see if it works.
Has anyone made their own sodas or even beer?


Susu said...

That is awesome! I might give it a try and let you know how it goes. I barely drink pop anymore and usually buy seltzer and stick an orange or lemon slice into it so this would be perfect.

Hank and Mary said...

That is pretty cool Kara.