Look who's 6 months!!!

Charlotte turned 6 months old on the 29th. I can't believe how much time if flying.
She had her 6 month well appointment and weighs a whopping 18 pounds! She sure is healthy, that's for sure.
Charlotte is such a chill baby. She loves to hang out in her excersaucer and smiles and stares at her brothers and daddy. She is so happy and content most of the time. She definitely changed a lot the past month. She does great sitting up with some help but she does not like tummy time. She also is lacking on the rolling. It's weird because my other babies were definitely rolling a lot by 6 months. I am trying to enjoy every little stage because this is it for us. No more newborns, no more infants no more babies!! So so bitter sweet!


Hank and Mary said...

Charlotte. How sweet the sound. I love you and miss you. You are turning out to be a great little sister to big Henry and Jude. We will see you in May. OK?

The Jaymac Clan said...

6 months already? She is precious!