Party #2

Friday, the kids and I went to a birthday party for their friend Luke from Church.
It was held at Kidz Planet.
I made cupcakes and a cool "Mario" cake last minute. The cake came out pretty cool considering I wasn't planning on making it until that morning.

Mario cake I whipped up last minute.

Renato and Charlotte

The birthday boy Luke.


Hank and Mary said...

Great pictures Kara. I'm impressed, once again, with the cake you made and the cupcakes for Henry's party.

I love the picture of Charlotte with her red skirt on. She is so darling.

Jude looks totally happy with his ice cream sandwich. I can't wait to hold them.

Sonya and Pete said...

Looks like a great place to have a party! GREAT CAKE!!! OMG!!

SRT and LST said...

Your kids are cute! And that Mario cake is the shiznit!

~ Linsey

Carol and Dan said...

You are so stinkin' talented!!!.....c.