Sunday at the Zoo

Jason took the boys to the zoo on Sunday while Charlotte and I stayed at home and did some serious cleaning. I'm on a throw out everything kind of mood. I got a good amount done, but could use a full day of no kids and other distractions.
The boys had a blast. It was a cool cloudy fall day. Jude was pretty much scared of all the animals except for the Lemur. Henry liked the camels but he said they were smelly, but his favorite was the giraffes.


Pretty Peapod said...

Fun, I love zoos!!
(and organizing the house, I get those phases too! My garage has a huge pile of stuff I have to haul off to the salvation army!)

Hank and Mary said...

Oh man, I love those three boys!

I'm glad you got some time to do some cleaning, although your home is always, always lovely.

Good memory making times had by all.


Pretty Peapod said...

Looks like fun. Nice job on those boys.
SO, that picture of Henry with the chicken body totally looks like Bear. No kidding. I am his father, and if Danielle showed me that picture and said she took it of Bear at the zoo I would believe it outright.


The Jaymac Clan said...

great pictures! Looks like a lot of fun.

Sonya and Pete said...

great zoo pics... my fav is Henry holding his nose...lol too cute!