Happy Birthday Jason!

Happy Birthday my sweet husband.
I am so blessed to have married this man.
The little things he does reminds me of why i love him.
He is my favorite person.
To say he is a hard worker is an understatement.
He takes his job as our provider very seriously.
If i could have things my way, he'd work with me at home,
and we parent and school the kids together.
He wants nothing more than to be with his sons everyday.
When he gets home from work he gives them his undivided attention until they lay to sleep.
He is a pleaser.
He is selfless.
He is God loving.
He is handsome.
And I like that he is even a little nerdy.
I want nothing more than to be with him endlessly.
He is awesome.
And he is mine.
Thank you God!
I am smitten.


Pretty Peapod said...

You guys are too cute!! Happy Birthday Jason!!!

Hank and Mary said...

Happy Birthday Jason my boy. :)

Carol and Dan said...

Happy B-day, Jason!.....c.