The night before Christmas

Henry loves reading all the stories about Christmas. For the past couple weeks I bought him several books that we would read every night.
Henry was so excited to leave carrots and sugar for the reindeers and cookies and milk for Santa. He decided to spell out his initials in the snow with carrots so Santa would know where he lives.
Henry was so excited for Christmas morning that it took him for ever to fall asleep. I would peek into his room and he would be staring at his little Christmas tree that I set up for him. He was so cute.


Carol and Dan said...

That is too cute! What a great idea, Henry!
Hope you guys had a great Christmas. We'll have to catch up soon!.......c.

Cassandra said...

great traditions...... Cant wait to see you guys.

AL said...

He is so darn handsome. Love his face in the picture with the carrots. I cannot believe I will have two nephews with a Boston accent, it cracks me up.
Enjoy those traditions with the boys, they are priceless.