First snow

It's not even halloween, and it's snowing!! I love it though.... sorry, the pictures aren't that great.


Hank and Mary said...

Oh my goodness. Burrrrr. I hope it's gone by morning for your sakes. :)

Does Henry still love cars?

AL said...

It seems to be snowing early for lots of people. Brrr.... it was 39 degrees this morning when I got up. Holy moly, that is like January for us.

Farmers Almanac says it is going to be a horrible winter. So battan down the hatches everyone.

Sonya and Pete said...

So pretty!

SRT and LST said...

Ugh...I don't envy you guys. Way too early for snow! I turned on the Patriots game Sunday and was shocked to see the field covered in it. I hope it holds off for Halloween! What are you dressing the kiddos up as?

The Jaymac Clan said...

How did we miss that snow? I expect us to have snow soon too.