New York City

This couple looked at Hank and said, "Dollar?" He said, "sure," but they refused to give him one from their can.
There was a huge police presence around this hotel and Jason is here asking why. The officers said there was a big NAACP meeting that needed security. Here's the news brief on the event:

NEW YORK -- President Barack Obama's planned appearance at the 100th anniversary celebration and convention of the NAACP will cap a weeklong program in New York City, birthplace of the country's oldest civil rights organization. Approximately 8,000 people will attend the celebratory event, which starts Saturday and runs through July 16 at the New York Hilton hotel in Manhattan.

Walking the street at rush hour.
Reaching for cool patches.
Hot, tired and shopping.

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Carol and Dan said...

That looks like so much fun! I've never been to the Empire State building.
You guys look great!........c.