Fun times in Michigan

We spent a week in Michigan visiting with family. Lots of fun was had by all.

All the cousins
Eli flying in the air
Maisy with plastic Easter eggs on her ears.
Christina and her boyfriend Max.
Daniel Alden and Kim acting normal.
Some of us acting silly.
Lucas balancing a ball on his head.
Hanging out at a really cute Coffee shop in Clare.
Kara and Cassandra
Crazy Maisy.
Boys are so much fun.... I thought it was pretty funny that Eli Henry and Alden peed together.
Kim and Cassie looking pretty.
Henry feeding the goat.
Jason and Henry on the four wheeler.

Danielle and Juneau.
Pretty Willow. The John Nelson family came to visit for the day.
Jason ordered the Big Juan at La Senoritas, no he did not eat the whole thing but got a t-shirt . The thing is almost as big as Jude!
Crazy glasses

Decorating Easter eggs

Henry found his Easter "basket"

Searching for easter eggs


Carol and Dan said...

Oh! I loved all the pictures! Good work. I miss all those people so much.
Did Jason eat the entire "big Juan" ? .........c.

Hank and Mary said...

Thanks for taking pictures of the week. It was so much fun and so full of chaos and I loved it!!! We are excited about another fun time. :)

The Nelson Family said...

I'll second that! A mega-ton of fun!!! I am so happy the taits let the nelson's in on a super-fun saturday!!!! Love the pics, now i am craving a "big Juan".

AL said...

Okay, Those pictures are amazing.
1. I want a Big Juan
2. The glasses make me smile.
3. I am jealous of all of the Grandkids.
4. I wish I could have colored eggs with you guys.
4. Who hid the Easter Eggs?
5. Christina looks beautiful and happy in that picture.
6. What goat?? Did you get a new goat?? Name? AGe?? Sex??

7. When I grow up I want Kim Taits skin and teeth!!
Awaiting answers please.

The MacDonald Clan said...

Glad you guys had fun. Wish we could have seen you but I know how busy it is when visiting family.