The Cake

A couple weeks ago I created this cake for my moms birthday. I wanted to make something special for her that kind of reminds me of my mommy. So , I asked her what flavor she liked, and she said anything lemon. Then I thought of elegant type recipes that I would use to help me create the cake for my mom. I used a white chiffon cake recipe that I made my own. I soaked it with a simple syrup and lemoncello then layered with a lemon cream, covered it with a chantilly cream, then sprinkled sugared almond that I made. It was absolutely delicious. probably the best cake I ever tasted. The cake was so delicate with bursts of lemon flavor, and the lemon cream was smooth along with the perfect not too sweet cream that covered the cake. The almonds made a perfect crunch here and there. Anyways, I want to name this cake for my mom, was wondering if anyone had any suggestions. Someday I would love to enter this recipe in a contest. Will look into that later.
I forgot about the almonds before I took this picture.

I had dinner at my house for my mom, then we went to my grandmothers house for my moms party.


Petey said...

The cake looks sooooooooo good
I wish i had a sclice.

Petey said...

I ment slice!!!!! lol

Squires Family said...

The cake looks great! For a name, what is one word that reminds you most of your mom. Tie that in with the chantilly and lemon and I think it would be perfect.

Carol and Dan said...

Your mom has good taste. Lemon is my favorite flavor of ice cream...yummie! I like Shaina's idea for the name.......c.

The MacDonald Clan said...

I wish I had the creativity and know how to even create a cake like that. I do box cakes, its quite sad really. Whats worse, is I can't even think of a name to help you. I hope you are feeling great and good luck with the cake name.

Papa and Grammy said...

Kara, your cake is very delicious looking. Your mom must be very happy with the care you took in creating that cake.

Name wise... Lemonezze Conniella

Or maybe something with her heritage brought into the name.