Work work work.

Tuesday was about 50 degrees and windy. Anthony and Lisa decided to start their yard work. I sanded the fronts of my cabinets so I can paint them. Henry and Martina played with their "cars". It was nice being outside.


Cassandra said...

what color r u going to paint them? i have been wanting to do mine but i am to chick
eN. sorry typoing with one kid sucking on mt fingers the other trying to help

TAITx3 said...

Cass, I am painting them the same color as the trim in my kitchen. It's kind of an off white color. It's a lot of work. ~Kara

Carol and Dan said...

I'm far too lazy to every take down cupboards to paint them. Way to go, Kara! Have fun with Hank and Christina!.........c.

AL said...

Wow Kara,
you look like your mommy there. Good luck on the cabinets.